The original office is created in Lubin

In the photo: EVRY office building construction site
In the photo: EVRY office building construction site
Evry, production, trade and service company from Lubin, is developing the office building for itself. The office investment will be finished in June by PeBeKa S.A.

The future owner of the building is the company "EVRY" Ltd. The building designed Q2 – an architectural studio from Wroclaw. The facade of the building will be covered with fragile glass – this materials is supposed to be an important element of the office, representative part of the investment. The facility will have an area of  1050 sq m. Headquarters of Evry company will be placed in the building as well as the production line in the industrial part of the object. The general contractor is Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Kopalń PeBeKa S.A. (Mine Construction Company PeBeKa).

The investor will also take care of the environment of the property. The company will arrange communication thoroughfares, green areas and space for recreation. In the immediate vicinity of the building two squares will be located. The first square will be placed in front of the  building and the second one will be in the industry part of the property.

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