Torun awaiting their office buildings

Has the time come for ambitious office projects in Torun ? Which projects are being built and which ones are to be built in the future ?

In the end of 2010 General Services – a developer from Torun won a tender of Town Council and therefore bought 2 real estate – 1 by Szosa Chelminska 24 and the other one by Gdrudziadzka 1 street.  The investor is obliged to build a very representative building due to the fact that those are 2 main streets of Torun. An office building is planned.

General Services works in building and real estate market. They also invest in land that may bring a considerable income after a longer period of time.

The company also extracts unsorted aggregates – they own 5 natural aggregate mines and their own resources in kujawsko – pomorskie and lodzkie districts.

If everything goes as planned, General Services will build an office building on land they bought 1.5 years ago. The company has given e-biurowce an access to the visualization of the building.

General Services plans two possibilities of building plans – both require changing the current plans of building for this place.

In the first option the building would be smaller – the current plan requires the building to be up to 12m high. In this spec the space inside would be 3118 sq. meters and useful area – 1981 sq. meters. It would also be equipped in 52 parking spaces.
In the second version the building would be 19m high, the overall space would be 4000 sq. meters and useful area – 2427 sq. meters. In this case a 2 storey car park might turn out to be necessary.

The office building investment is to be realized by Marbud. Currently the developer is building Centrum Biurowo-Konferencyjne on the corner of Grudziadzka 46-48 st. and Czarnieckiego 15 st.

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