Diplomas for new RICS members

New members of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) have received diplomas. RICS has also presented a summary of their activity in Poland during 2012.

A ceremonial gala during which diplomas for new members of RICS  were awarded took place on the 26th of April. The members of the association have met in Villa Foksal. The diplomas were handed by Martin Bruhl, the Vice President of RICS.  Wladyslaw Brzeski who is an honorary member has summarized  the activity of RICS in Poland.

RICS gala is the crowning of yet another year of the activity of RICS Poland. It is a particularly important event for us because last year was full of occurrences which define the character of our organization. A new board of RICS Poland was elected last year with ms Monika Debska-Pastakia as a president. At that time we have launched  VRS and Standards for agents and real estate brokers  which have officially been recognized by Knight Frank, CBRE and recently also by Cushman & Wakefield – said Anna D. Konieczna, Country Manager of RICS Poland.

RICS is a prestigious international non-profit organization gathering people who specialize in professions which are connected with real estate market.  The main goal of this institution is to make sure that the quality of service provided on real estate market is constantly improved, and that professional ethics rules are obeyed. Specialists from different branches of the market meet on RICS forum in order to work on and improve the current standards, and Poland plays a very important part in this process.

Poland is one of the crucial markets for RICS in Europe. The organization is gaining largely on its importance because of the energy and involvement of its members. Standards and advices of RICS became more recognizable both by the experts and by the clients –said Martin Bruhl World RICS Vice President.  – A growing number of MRICS and FRICS (Member and Fellow of RICS) proves the maturity of this branch of the economy and a need of professionals to improve their skills. New members are welcomed with a hope for a productive and worthwhile cooperation – summarized Martin Bruhl.

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