ECO Ecology and efficiency in fashion

The Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak attempted to convince the Minister of Finance Jacek Rostowski that ecology and efficient use of energy may be lucrative.

I was talking the other day with Minister Rostowski, trying to convince him to give up the idea of excise tax on cars which are fuel efficient, especially hybrids and electrical cars. So far we have just talked – said Waldemar Pawlak -  I hope however that he understands that he may ear on this even more, since he will receive even higher VAT tax. Then there will be less income from oil taxes but on the other hand there will be new taxes on  electrical energy. Pawlak indicates other energy efficient solutions – We genuinely care about making energy efficient solutions as popular as possible. We especially try to encourage people to the new undertakings such as heat pump, ‘smart meters’ , investing in micro-sources or other sources of energy for instance windmills or solar panels.

It is crucial to spot certain very simple mechanism in energetic effectiveness, that is in times of economic crisis when the value of money is lower, it is highly profitable to invest in energy-saving undertakings, because we pay less for things such as the heat pump. If we have a job and a good, stable source of income it is highly profitable to mount the heat pump because many years later, when we are retired, the cost of using such devices and obtaining heat for a house is much lower than it would otherwise have been – explains the Chief of the Department of Economy.

Sylwia Stelmachowska representing the press office of the Ministry of Finance informs that we would have to wait for any specific solutions: There is no project concerning excise tax for hybrid or electrical cars, therefore we do not undertake any activity in this matter. 

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