A fall in PLN prices – the largest in 3 years

Since the beginning of May the price for PLN has been falling in comparison to USD. Currently 1 USD costs 3.57 PLN.


According to Marek Nienalowski’s prognosis, it is difficult to predict how PLN may fall .In my opinion just over 3,6 PLN for 1 USD is the maximum to be paid for a dollar. He stresses however, that the climax of fall of our currency is still to be reached. I don’t see how USD could gain on PLN more, therefore I believe that the possible fall of EUR on the international market in comparison to USD is strongly restricted. We are very close to climax, the only question is when it will occur, in a day? Two days? A week or a month ? – says the General Analyst of Dom Kredytowy Notus.

The largest influence on the fall of PLN however is owned to the world’s economies which have slowed down their growth. The PLN is being resold mainly due to the fact that there is something bad going on in Eurozone, especially in Greece and Spain, but those bad things happen because the world’s economy is slowing down also in China and the USA which is indicated by the recent study. Says Marek Nienalowski.

PLN also loses its value compared to other currencies. EUR costs 4.41 PLN and CHF costs 3.67 PLN.

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