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A bull in the headquarters of the WSE

Exhibition of Dawid Patarai works in the headquarters of Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw, pic by gpw.pl
Exhibition of Dawid Patarai works in the headquarters of Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw, pic by gpw.pl
The exhibition of Dawid Pataraia works, the leitmotif of which is a bull – the symbol of a stock exchange economic boom, is going to last till 10th October in the headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Within the exhibition, the organizer of which is the Art Pistols Gallery and the Warsaw Stock Exchange, 17 paintings were presented. They date back to different stages of production of a Georgian artist who live in Poland. The works are made in various painting techniques and formats with the use of different materials. The leitmotif, that is a bull, is considered as a symbol of strength, fortitude and a stock exchange economic boom.


Bulls all over the world have various looks. They are different in India, Brazil, Europe and even in Georgia. The bull is a quite mystical symbol. It is one of many animals in the mythology which often appears in various forms. In the XXI century, we often emphasize our presence and refer to the past. I did not want to terminate this historical continuity. I only added something from our times and borrow some things from the past. As we can see, it succeeded – explains Dawid Pataraia.


The bull is associated with the stock exchange and the economic boom. The bull means strength and energy. I think that it is also a perfect symbol of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We want to be as strong, powerful and full of energy as a bull. It is assumed that it is one of the animals which is very strongly associated with the stock exchange – points out Mirosław Szczepański, vice-chairman in WSE.


Dawid Pataraia was born in 1971 in Georgia. He finished the Fine Arts High School in Tbilisi and began studies in the Fine Arts Faculty of Graphics. He has been continuing studying in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw on the Department of Graphics, and on the Department of Painting in Poznań and Cracow since 1992. So far his works have been presented i.a. in Warsaw galleries: Na Kole, Arka, Piękny Świat, Gallery in Tarnowskie Góry, Cracow Ornament Gallery and Museum of Independence in Warsaw. Many of his works may be also found in private collections of i.a. Krzysztof Penderecki and Michael Jackson.

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hossa :
wstrętny ! zdecydowanie wolę tego http://artbull.blog.pl/2014/07/05/figurka-byk-wall-street-2/ :-)
February 19, 2015 1:35 PM