Additional credit for Echo Investment

The picture shows Malta Office Park
The picture shows Malta Office Park
Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG granted an additional credit to Echo Investment. The company will expend the money on refinancing the 3rd phase on its investment, Malta Office Park in Poznań.

The agreement concluded between Echo Investment and Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG stipulated a credit of 31.785 millon EUR. It has been signed in June 2009. The annex concerns a sum of 7.160 million EUR that will be expended on finishing the 3rd phase of the construction of Malta Office Park.

Grzegorz Iwański, Finance Director of Echo Investment, comments: Financing the 3rd phase of this investment in Poznań means accomplishing the credit and confirming the creation of a perfectly suited for this market office project. We are very fond of the additional financing granted to us by WestImmo despite the difficult situation on the credit market.

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