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Interactive table will revolutionize work in an office?
Interactive table will revolutionize work in an office?
Solutions that will change the business, education and entertainment were discussed in the Eureka Technolog Park in Dabrowa near Poznan.

I International Forum for IT Cluster took place in the Eureka Technology Park in Dabrowa near Poznan. Over a hundred people involved with the IT sector has witnessed the presentation of three devices that can change the face of the work, revolutionize the functioning of the office. 

The purpose of the September Forum was to exchange experience between the IT industry and other industries, knowledge transfer and establishment of a multi-level cooperation. Establishing contacts and most importantly, new contracts are fruits of the networker meeting, which was held in the conference. 
- Good network of partners and networking cooperation is still the key to success in any industry, including IT - says Agnieszka Młyńska, SynergIT - Clusters, by default, are based on the idea of simultaneous cooperation and competitiveness between companies with a similar profile.They cooperate on larger projects, choose services and  products offered by other members, exchange their know-how.By organizing this event we wanted to integrate the companies from SynergIT with those outside the cluster, and the IT clusters from across the Poland. 
During the Forum there was a presentation of an interactive table surface having a 48 inch touch screen with the ability to track more than 40 touch points, equipped with a sound system, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
The organizer of the I International Forum was IT Cluster Education Foundation, Innovation and Implementation of New Technologies, SynergIT cluster coordinator. 

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