Will the interactive table conquer offices?

GLIPTable was created in a garage, but it is possible that it will become a basic office equipment.
GLIPTable was created in a garage, but it is possible that it will become a basic office equipment.
A device creates numerous options. One can comfortably surf the Internet, look at pictures, sppecially prepared multimedia presentations or go through a detailed agenda.

The First international IT Cluster Forum will take place at Eureka Technology Park in Dąbrowa near Poznań and it will gather trade experts, representatives of clusters, public institutions and companies which want to introduce innovative solutions. It is during that event that touch GLIPTable will be presented. It, just like other revolutionary IT products, was created in a garage. It is possible that multi-touch-systems will appear on other surfaces, too, e.g. on walls, shop-windows, floors and bars.

- During I international IT Cluster Forum, we are going to demonstrate the possibilities of our device, gather ideas for new applications and gain an investor, as Grzegorz Hibner, one of the inventors of the device, says. We notice more and more clearly the need to gain funding of research and development activity and promotion. We are holding talks with potential investors; we also take into consideration the possibility of receiving funds from the European Union, Krzysztof Liszyński, a co-inventor, adds.

GLIPTable can have diverse usages, as its interface is based on the operational system Windows 7 and it enables simultaneous work or entertainment of several people. The device has 48 inches of touch surface, with the possibility of following 40 touch points, and it is equipped with the audio system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

- Each time we prezent the device, New ideas for its usage emerge. At present, we consider to distribute GLIPTable among estate developers and car dealers. The device will be equally successful as an entertainment machine or advertisement surface allowing for interaction with potential clients, as Przemysław Kozłowski, the third of its creators, explains.

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Bartek Katowice :
Tylko czekać aż szef zainwestuje w takie cudo - będzie sie chcialo pracowac!
September 10, 2012 at 5:05 PM