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Dsc Andrzej Marciniak
Tomasz Sienkiewicz
On February 28, 2013, the conference for people associated with properties was held in Warsaw. Its organizer was Media Group Nieruchomości.

Airport Okęcie Hotel in Warsaw became a platform for the meeting of people associated with managing commercial properties. On February 28, 2013, Media Group Nieruchomości organized The Conference Facility Management & Property Management.

The event was divided into two leading modules: “Fire safety in a property” and “Green certification as a method for limiting the costs of upkeep of a building and the improvement of safety of its users and the environment”.

The first panel was conducted by Dsc Andrzej Marciniak, an academic from The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, The Chairman of the Department. As an expert in the field of designing, workmanship, valuation and audits of fire protection, he is the author of many publications and research projects concerning fire safety of buildings and emergency actions. He is the member of Association Engineers and Technicians of Firefighting Association. During the module, Marciniak considered the issue of an administrator's rights and responsibilities about anti-fire protection of properties. He also discussed formal and legal, as well as technical aspects of up keeping technical working order of devices, systems and anti-fire installations in a building. Finally, he presented non-standard solutions on how to deal with the problems concerning anti-fire protection in buildings.

Tomasz Sienkiewicz, expert on Facility & Property Management, talked over green certificates. He was the manager of an office building Radio 1 in Warsaw for over five years and back then, he actively participated in a process of certification by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) institute, which finished successfully with receiving LEED Gold for existing buildings. The speaker discussed the idea of “green certification” and the subject matter of energetic effectiveness in certification. The question was also raised, whether the ecological certification is important, or not and is it worth to use it.

Maciej Czajka from Trend Control shared his experience and knowledge on “Raising energetic effectiveness of buildings through managing energy consumption”. The Chairman of iPGM Sp. z o. o. Krzysztof Görlich talked over remote managing properties every day.

During the conference, talks, making new contact and improving the existing ones were possible owing to coffee-breaks. Lectures, however, enabled to present solutions, which the participants will be able to use in their daily practice.

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