ECO Facility Management & Property Management conference


City : Warszawa
Place : Airport Hotel Okęcie przy ul. 17 Stycznia 24
Date : 28.02.2013
Hour : 08:00 - 23:00
Status : closed
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Warsaw. A conference which is one of the most important meeting of people responsible for property management is planned for the end of february.


In Airport Hotel Okęcie on 17 Stycznia 24 St. in Warsaw on 28th february under media patronage a conference Facility Management & Property Management is going to take place. The meeting will be a perfect stage for exchanging knowledge and experiences among the participants.

It will also be an attempt to answer questions such as: what responsibility and rights is a manager entitled to when it comes to property's fire prevention, how to mantain technical efficiency of fire prevention appliances, systems and installations in a structure, what are the non-standard solutions for problems pertaining fire protection in buildings as well as what are the methods to reduce building's maintenance costs and improve safety of users and the environment - on the example of "Green certification". The conference will be attended by, among others, owners of various types of buildings, investors or managers of commercial properties.

Conference program:


"Fire safety in a property"

    Responsibility and rights of a manager in the area of fire prevention in a property.
    Maintaining technical efficiency of fire prevention appliances, systems and installations in a structure - formal-legal and technical aspects.
    Non-standard solutions in the area of fire prevention in buildings.


"Green certification" a method for reduction of building's maintenance costs and improvement of users and environment's safety.

1.    Idea of „green certification”
a.    Idea of sustainable development,
b.    Green certification on the example of LEED and BREEAM systems,
c.    Grade areas used in certification

2.    Energy efficiency from certification's perspective,
a.    Energy efficiency in currently existing legal solutions
b.    Methods of energy efficiency improvement recommended by certifying institutions,
c.    Intelligent solutions improving buildings' energy efficiency.

3.    Safety of users and the environment
a.    Assessment of users and environment's safety,
b.    Solutions for safety improvement recommended in certification process,
c.    Solutions having direct impact on the decrease environmental pollution.

4.    "Green certification" - is it worth it?
a.    Expenses for building's adjustment to certification's requirements,
b.    Benefits for the investor, user and environment.

Conference participation cost amounts to 350 PLN

Account no. for payment of the fee for conference:

Grupa Medialna Nieruchomości
65 1020 1026 0000 1702 0138 1862
Jedności Robotniczej 29 St.
05-092 Łomianki

After the conference each participant shall recieve certification issued in virtue of § 6 ust. 1  Regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure from 30th july 2010 in regards to professional development by property adjusters, real estate agents and property managers (Dz. U. Nr 140, poz. 945).

8 hours of training are bestowed under the conference ( according to the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy).

The fee covers:

        participation in the conference;
        participation in banquet for guests, who express a desire to take part in it;
        training material;
        certificate of participation in the conference;
        coffee breaks;

Terms of participation:

    A confirmation of registration of declared participant is going to be sent together with an invoice to the provided e-mail address within 2 workdays from the date of recieving the entry form.
    Required for entrance to the conference is performing a payment before the meeting to the account provided in the proforma invoice.
     Within 7 days from recieving the payment on the account a VAT invoice will be issued and sent by mail to the address provided.
    Certificates will be issued after the official conclusion of the conference to guests who have performed the payment.
    Certificates won't be sent by mail.
    Certificate confirming participation in the conference (issued in accordance with legalities of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy) will be issued only to participants, who have provided their license numbers (manager, estate broker or adjuster's).
    Required for participation in the conference is filling out the entry form and sending it to the organiser.
    Filling out the entry form is equvalent to obligation to participate in the conference and pay the fee.
    People who do not attend the conference, while not cancelling their registration, are going to be charged with full costs of participation.
    Failure to pay is not equivalent with resigning from participation.
    Resignation from the conference is possible at the latest until 14 days to the conference, that is till 14.02.2013 (via e-mail to After the deadline a declared participant shall be charged with conference attendance fee.

Contact with the organizer:

Grupa Medialna Nieruchomości
tel. 22 839 82 86
fax. 22 201 34 82


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