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INTERBUD Fair was visited by over 13 200 visitors
INTERBUD Fair was visited by over 13 200 visitors
From 1st to 3rd March lasted the twentieth edition of INTERBUD Building Fair in Łódź.

Twentieth edition of INTERBUD Building Fair gathered 350 Polish and foreign exhibitors. Exhibition hall was visited by 13 200 people and therefore the event became this year's biggest fair in Łódź.

Among the visitors, there were chairmen of social building associations, investors, the owners of executive companies, farmers, teachers, students of building schools and the journalists from six European countries.

Motto of the twentieth edition read, “Inspirations for the future”.The exhibitors' offer mainly concerned the products and services associated with current challenges of the industry and setting new trends. The most common issues that were discussed by the participants were: cheap building, funding of building investments, lowering the costs of upkeep, facilities and aesthetic interior fittings and renewable energy.

It is worth mentioning that INTERBUD Fair is something more than just a possibility to present the products to the visitors. It is also an excellent opportunity to win the prestigious awards, such as Golden Medals, The Prize of The General Inspector of Building Control, The Honorary Prize of Voivod of Lodz and many others.

This year, three Golden Medals were awarded. First went to Agnes for a non-pressure solar system by Vaillant, second to Budrex for the system of folding doors Compack and the last one for Pepebe for prefabricated residential building. Also in this category, 4 Energy by Tomik was awarded for photovoltaic panel PG 04 with a heating pomp WPF, Omatalo Oy for wooden energy saving houses and Petecki for Petecki Future Design 86 MD+ window.

The Prize of The General Inspector of Building Control was given to Drew-Bet for its concrete tiles of chipped texture. Golden Helmet of Polish Board of Building Industry and Trade was shared by Budmat for roofing tile Wenecja and Tibex for micro generic module with Stirling engine.

The winner of The Honorary Prize of Voivod of Lodz was Draft for moveable terraced doors DPQ-82, while Michnosystem Sp. z o.o won The Honorary Prize of The President of Lodz for a regulated distance stabilizer for revitalization of renovation works. The Honorary Prize of The Marshal of Lodz Voivodeship was also given and it was received by Falkopia Sp. z o.o. Company for intelligent electric heating Technofont. The winner of the award for the arrangement of a stand was a company Owczary ZCB.


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