Poland is the most attractive in terms of investments in the region

Volume of investment transactions on property market in the Middle Europe in 2012 is lower than in the previous year.

Cushman&Wakefield's report states that in fourth quarter of 2012 a value of investment transactions on property market in the Middle Europe (that is in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary) amounted to 1,826 milliard Euro. It's significantly more than in the third quarter of 2012, when it amounted to 536 million Euro. A total volume of investment transactions amounted to 3,71 milliard Euro in 2012. It constitutes 59% of record-breaking value in 2011 (6,29 milliard Euro) and almost 25% more than in 2010.

As Charles Taylor, Partner in Cushman & Wakefield company says: High increase of investments in the fourth quarter especially due to a big investment activity in Poland couldn't balance poor investment results of the whole region of the Middle Europe in the first nine months of the year. A high trading volume will keep next to the increase of activity on the Czech's investment market. In 2013, value of investment transactions in the Middle Europe will slightly exceed last year's level, where Poland will be still popular among investors.

In Poland, in the fourth quarter of the previous year, a trading volume amounted to 1,63 milliard Euro, which places our country on the first place in the region. 2.8 milliard Euro totally has been invested in Poland in 2012. It means an increase by 8% in the comparison with 2011.

In the Middle Europe, an increase of popularity of office properties and decrease of interest of retail sector has been noticed. Office sector in a total transaction volume was 45%, instead a retail sector was 37%.

The biggest transaction in 2012 were consecutively trades of: Złote Tarasy (475 million Euro), Manufaktura (390 million Euro), Warsaw Financial Center (210 million Euro), International Business Center (148 million Euro) and Platinium Business Park (138 million Euro).

Dominant investors on the market of Middle Europe are German investors (30% of contribution in a total volume). Further places went to USA and France. The biggest Polish investor is Kulczyk Silverstein Properties.

Charles Taylor says: In 2013, a volume of investment transaction will slightly exceed a last year's level, next to interest in the best office properties and increase of interest in logistic sector. Together with liquidation of funds and developers who are seeking for increase of fluency on the market, demand of assets will increase from the top level. Moreover, due to receiving of financing at the end of the last year, increase of investors in this region can continue.

Łukasz Lorencki, a consultant from the Capital Market Group of Cushman & Wakefield's Polish department, claims that: 2012 was a third year in a row, in which an increase of transactions signed on the investment market was noted down. With a volume of 2,8 milliard Euro, which constitutes 75% of value of all entered transactions in the region, Polish investment market emphasised its dominance in the Middle Europe. The basic advantages of our country are relatively high safety of placed means and a high fluency of market in comparison with other countries of such region. Due to a health fundaments, privileged position of our market will keep in the nearest years.

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