Low unemployment and high potential-Poznan

The capital of Great Poland (Wielkopolska) is one of the largest regional office markets in Poland. In comparison with Warsaw it falls behind, but may aspire to the top ones such as Wroclaw, Lodz and Tricity.

Poznan is a city of business, science and culture. Its attractiveness, reported by the international consulting company Colliers in its report "Polish Real Estate market", comes from having the lowest unemployment rate in Poland, coming second place in the country in respect of value of GDP per capital and a strong economy.  The potential of the city lies in the modern services sector, human capital, the high level of education and a multilingual staff. A further advantage is good transport connections within Poland and Europe.

At the end of 2012, the capital of Great Poland (Wielkopolska) had 242 500 sqm of office space.  As per Colliers' analysis, it makes the city the fourth largest regional market. Most of the office space is located in the city centre, but also other locations are being developed, such as the western part of Poznan, which is the area of the Bulgarska, Grunwald and Marcelinska, as well as the area along the Archbishop Anthony Baraka street (the eastern part of the city).

Throughout 2012 office investments were commissioned with a total area of close to 40 000 sq.m. The biggest project was a Pixel, with 14 600 sq.m. It is the first new office building in the Klaster Grunwaldzka complex. Other large objects completed in 2012 are, Andersia Business Center (11 600 sqm), Okraglak and Kwadraciak (6 700 sqm) and Victoria Business Center (4 800 sqm). There is currently under construction about 64 000 sq.m. surface, of which 23 000 sqm is to be completed in the current year. Complexes such as  Business Garden (42 000 sqm), Malta House (12 800 sq.m) and the Centre for Advanced Technology Nobel Tower (4 000 sq.m.) are in the first phase of construction.

Demand last year was at the level of 26 000 sq.m. As much as 60% was based on new contracts. Significant proportion also have a renegotiation and extension. The 2012 demand  was generated by companies from BPO/SSC sector. The largest rental transactions were: the renegotiation of the 3 220 sqm by Roche Poland in Malta Office Park, new lease 2,000 sqm signed by Samsung Electronics in Malta Office Park and the renegotiation and expansion of Jeronimo Martins at 2 200 sqm in Kupiec Poznanski. Colliers experts expect the demand to remain at stable level in 2013.

The level of vacancy rates in Poznan rose to 15.1 percent in 2012 compared to 8.4% in the previous year. Colliers analysts predict that at the beginning of 2013, this indicator will slightly decrease to rebound in the second half of the year.

Poznan is one of the most expensive office locations in Poland. In 2012, the rental rates were between 14 and 16 euro/sqm per month, while the service fee is approximately 16-20 PLN per sqm per month. The rate should drop in the coming months.

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