3 billion euro of commercial investments in 2015

The analysts from Cushman & Wakefield company envisage that this year’s activity of developers in Poland will be revolving around 3 billion euro.

It is a small increase in comparison to previous year – only by 0,3 per cent. The greatest stir has been recently recorded after the global crisis in 2010. The value of commercial transactions on the area of Poland exceeded then 1 billion euro. A year after – the amount totaled over 2,8 billion euro. These results make that Poland is a leader on markets in the Central and Eastern Europe.


The spirits of investors are currently very good – comments Charles Taylor, managing partner in Cushman & Wakefield in Poland. – The volume of investment transactions on the Polish commercial property market has been still increasing for five years. It amounted to 3,13 billion euro in 2014. The pace of growth, however, was lower in comparison to previous years but it is rather a result of limited supply than smaller interest of investors.


The analysts from Cushman & Wakefield company envisage that regional cities will benefit from the interest of investors this year.  


The market of office area constituted over a half of the total volume of transactions in the country last year. It was a 40-per cent growth in comparison to 2013. The greatest number of transactions was recorded in Warsaw. According to Colliers International research, the capital was enriched by 280 000 sq. m of area. As C & W envisage this year’s new sales of office area in the capital will amount to ca. 300 000 sq. m.


Moreover, the warehouse market also arouses a great interest among investors. The last year indicates a rise by over 1 million sq. m of area intended for this sector.  


2015 should be as good as 2014 for the commercial real estate market. It is mainly because of the maintenance of a high pace of economic growth – forecasts Taylor. – The value of investments in Poland should total over 3 billion euro in all sectors.  


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Potencjał inwestycyjny jest spory, ale wymaga kasy - kiedy po raz ostatni można było przejąć hale w SSE?
May 11, 2015 at 11:26 AM