BPO/SCC rents 1.5 million sq. m of offices in Poland

Nokia Networks rented 14 000 sq. m of office area in Wrocław West Gate in 2014
Q22 in Warsaw - Deloitte rented here 11 000 sq. m of office area in 2014
The industry of services for business is occupying more and more office area and it is an incentive for realization of new investments. At present, the BPO/SCC sector has ca. 1.5 million sq. m of office area.

At present, the sector of modern services for business is dynamically developing in Poland. It performs a function of a city creator and thus it contributes to development of infrastructure, stimulates economic growth and mainly – stimulates development of the office market. Thanks to the BPO industry, investors successfully realize and commercialize modern offices in both Warsaw and regional cities.


Centers for business services have been the main stimulant of development of office markets outside Warsaw for several years and agreements concluded by this sector are often characterized by a big volume of area. In effect of a dynamical development of structures, companies from BPO/SSC occupy ca. 1.5 million sq. m of offices. The part of this sector in occupied area in Cracow amounts to 56 per cent, in Łódź – 49 per cent and in Wrocław – 43 per cent. Moreover, it is 7 per cent in the case of Warsaw which is much more diversified in respect of industries of tenants – explains Mateusz Polkowski, Chairman in Department for Market Research and Consultancy in JLL.


According to report prepared by ABSL, outsourcing companies occupied 65 per cent of office area outside Warsaw in 2014. Skanska Property Poland claims that companies which provide services for business rent 70 per cent of offices which have been realized by the company within last three years. 


The total volume of office area in Poland rented by companies from this industry within last 3.5 years increased by 500 000 sq. m. Skanska Property Poland contributed to it in 35 per cent by signing contracts for nearly 200 000 sq. m. In the first quarter of 2015, almost 88 per cent of area rented by our company were given to outsourcing companies. The sector of services for business is a really demanding industry. A flexible adjustment of a developer offer to its needs is becoming one of the fundamental factors which guarantee success on the office market in Poland – comments Arkadiusz Rudzki, chairman for letting and management of buildings' value in Skanska Property Poland.


The activity of the company from the BPO/SSC sector is still on the high level in Wrocław, Łódź, Katowice and Cracow. In 2014, the greatest lease contracts were signed by such companies from this industry as Infosys (21 000 sq. m, Green Horizon in Łódź), HP GBC (16 400 sq. m, Dominikański in Wrocław), Nokia Networks (14 000 sq. m, West Gate in Wrocław), Capgemini (5600 sq. m in Silesia Business Park B in Katowice).


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