Strong Polish cities

The best strategies of acquiring new investors with foreign capital in Eastern Europe have Katowice, Krakow and Lublin. The top ten also included Warsaw (6th position) and Poznan (8th position).

In the region of Central and Eastern Europe the best strategies for attracting investors with foreign capital have Silesia (the first score), Cracow (the second score) and Lublin (the third score) indicates the report „European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013”. The research carried out FDI Intelligence - a specialist division from The Financial Times Ltd.

The survey concerned the business potential, including 253 urban centers and 110 European regions. In the analysis six factors were assessed: economic potential, human capital, cost effectiveness, quality of life, infrastructure and business friendliness. In the overall ranking of the major European centers the highest position occupied Warsaw. Polish capital took 21th position compared to 20th position a year ago. Warsaw has been given the third posiotion in Eastern Europe in the ranking of cities with the greatest potential for investors. Cracow also appeared in the top ten which accounted for 9th place. In terms of business friendliness Warsaw was better than Prague, Paris and Copenhagen, taking fourth location.

Polish metropolitan areas and regional cities fared much better in category of "strategies of acquiring new foreign investors”. Malopolska was ranked in 17th position in Europe and the 1st among the regions of Eastern Europe at the FDI Intelligence report. Not much worse is the Opole region with its 22nd position in the Europe and 2nd position in Eastern Europe.

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