The transparent real estate market

According to research conducted by experts, transparency in global real estate markets increases. The CEE markets are closer and closer to the European lead.

The research conducted by Jones Lang La Salle and LaSalle Investment Management shows that almost 90 per cent of real estate markets have noted progress with regard to transparency. Markets were assessed in terms of efficiency indicators, market conditions, transparency of debt securities, legal conditions and transaction processes.

In the analysis of 97 markets, the United States came as the first in terms of transparency. Apart from the USA, the following countries were awarded high positions in the category of transparency: the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, France, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. The Central and Eastern European markets have diminished the disproportion in transparency in comparison with Western European countries. The good result of Poland, the 19th place in the world ranking, is satisfying.

The research has observed that countries of the MIST zone (Mexico, Indonesia, Sout Korea and Turkey) have strengthened their position. The greatest increase, however, has been noted in the region of Latin America.

 As Kevin  Turpin from Jones Lang  LaSalle, LEED Green  Associate says,  the increasing level of transparency in Central and Eastern Europe is indicated also by the growing number of research reports, published by international companies working in real estate consulting. This kind of research is particularly highly rated by European and global investors who do not have their office in the analysed region. I am very happy that the CEE countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have been categorised as 'transparent' and occupy the 19th, 24th and 26th positions respectively.

The conducted research has also analysed the impact of sustainable development on market transparency and the impact of transparency on the inflow of foreign investments. Great Britain, Australia and France (or the Czech Republic as the leader of the CEE region) are the most transparent markets in terms of sustainable development. On the other hand, the examples of Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia or Vietnam show that markets that grow in terms of investments in commercial real estates, at the same time note progress in terms of increasing transparency.


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