Poland is the most dynamic CEE market.

70% of the total value of all the investments concluded on real estate markets in the CEE region falls for Poland, as the report CEE Investment Market Overview announces.

The report CEE Investment Market Overview, prepared by Jones Lang LaSalle, clearly show that Poland keeps the position of a leader in the region. Analysts from Jones Lang LaSalle claim that the value of investment transactions realized in the region of Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of the current  year amounted to 1,26 bn EUR, out of which 877 mln EUR took place in Poland. At the same time in the Czech Republic, investment transactions are valued for 225 mln EUR, in Romania for 92 mln EUR and in Hungary for 71 mln EUR.

The value of investment transactions in Poland decreased by 6% in comparison with the first half of the last year. 460 mln EUR fell for the trade market, 283 mln EUR for the office one, and 113 mln EUR for the warehouse one.

6 transactions on the office market were noted. The biggest one concerned the sale of Harmony Office Center II by the Polish development  company Eko Park to the Spanish investor Azora for 54 mln EUR. The second of transactions concerned the sale of Renaissance Building by Falcon Investments to the company GLL Partners for 27 mln EUR.

As Tomasz Trzósło from Jones Lang LaSalle comments, we predict that trust and interest of investors in the Polish real estate market will be preserved. Our prognoses show that the total value of investment transactions in 2012 may reach the level from 2 to 2,5 bn EUR in comparison to the very good result of 2,75 mld EUR from 2011.  We estimate that the capitalization rates for the office space market reach currently the level 6,25%, for the trade segment – 5,75%, for the warehouse one – about 8,0%. As Jones LaSalle analyses also present, these values will remain on the unaltered level, but it will be highly dependent on a situation in the Eurozone and in the banking sector in the following months. The difference in the capitalization rates between the first- and the second-class investment products is from 100 to 200 per cent. We expect to keep the divergence on such a level. 

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