Skanska has bought a parcel in Cracow

Chopin Hotel in Cracow
Chopin Hotel in Cracow
TRIKALA, a subsisdiary of Skanska Property Poland has bought a parcel near Rondo Mogilskie in Cracow.


TRIKALA, a subsidiary of Skanska Property Poland, has won the tender for a parcel located near Przy Rondzie St. in Cracow, near Rondo Mogilskie.

On the purchased parcel there is an investment of Warimpex company - Hotel Chopin.

- We're aware of the fact, that a company belonging to Skanska Property Poland group has won the tender regarding the parcel on Przy Rondzie street, which houses Warimpex company's investment -  Hotel Chopin. Change of the grounds' owner won't influence the lease of land ( effective till year 2051), and as such the hotel shall continue operation. Warimpex company is in direct contact with Skanska Property Poland and both companies conduct activities which take into account interest of both parties, which will have no negative impact on hotel's activity - said Christoph Salzer, Regional Director at Warimpex.

Skanska, a general contractor of buildings in all segments of property market and a developer, in Poland owns investments in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice and Tricity.

- We confirm, that a subsidiary of Skanska Property Poland has won the tender for the purchase of a parcel in Cracow at Przy Rondzie St. It means that our company has acquired a right to purchase the lot after fulfilling necessary formalities.  On this stage it is still too soon for us to be able to inform about further plans associated with this investment. What we can say however, is that we're in constant contact with Warimpex company, with whom we're discussing common agreements taking into account interests of both companies - declared Jakub Zagórski, manager for communication and marketing at Skanska Property Poland.


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