Another tenant in Aquarius Business House

Aquarius Business House in Wrocław
Aquarius Business House in Wrocław
The company Farmacja Plus has leased 300 metres in Echo House office building in the centre of Wrocław.

The company Farmacja Plus plans to open a pharmacy on the ground floor and offices on the 6th floor of the modern office building - Aquarius Business House.

This agreement means that at the first stage of Wrocław's investment 97 per cent of the space is already occupied, whereas the second stage 70 per cent. The tenants of Aquarius Business House are  companies such as Tieto Poland, PwC, AXIT, Randstad, Lux Med, BOŚ Bank, Credit Agricole and Jadłomania.

Aquarius Business Center is carried out by Echo Investment at the corner of Borowska Street and Swobodna Street. The first stage was completed in November 2012, the second stage is planned to be finished in October 2013. The company Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex S.A. is responsible for the raw state construction, and the architectural project is done by Arcad company from Kielce.

The complex consists of two 7-storey buildings which offer 25.000 sqm of space to lease. Tenants will have the access to three parking places for 410 cars in total. People commuting on bicycles will be able to use a special parking place and dressing rooms with showers. There is also a lot of additional facilities in the complex, such as a restaurant, or a kiosk.

Office spaces in Aquarius Business House allow tenants to freely arrange the interiors owing to the open space plan. The complex is equiped with a cutting-edge technological solutions, security systems and access control, high-class ICT links and energy and media management facilities.

In November 2012, Echo Investment group started the construction of  West Gate office building with 16.000 sqm of space.

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