Plac Unii encouraged HRS

Multifunctional Plac Unii complex in Warsaw
Multifunctional Plac Unii complex in Warsaw
HRS will rent the whole 11 storey in the Warsaw Plac Unii complex.

HRS (Hotel Reservation Service) company since 1972 runs an electronic hotel reservation system, prepared for business and private travellers. The company, which centre is located in Cologne, Germany, will rent 996 m2 in the 11 storey of Plac Unii complex. Other centres of the company are located in Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Shanghai and Singapore.

In spite of Warsaw having lots of modern office buildings, finding a really prestigious office with a potential and a good localisation is not an easy task. While looking for a place for our company we checked many places in the city centre, but it was Plac Unii which met all of our expectations – says Łukasz Dąbrowski, CEO of HRS.

The other tenants of the complex include Dalkia Polska S.A., which rents 5,562 m2 in building C and companies from ING group, whose office will have 12,103 m2 and will be located in the tower.

Analysts say that during this year Warsaw office space market can gain over 300,000 m2 of modern space. It is a lot, but a few things have to be considered. First of all, the companies are still interested in the lease of the offices located in the capital city. They can choose, so they want the best localisations and the most prestigious buildings. Plac Unii is not only well-known, it also has great access to other city parts – says Marc Lebbe from Liebrecht & wooD.

Plac Unii is composed of three buildings located on Plac Unii Lubelskiej in Warsaw. It offers in total 56,800 m2, of which 41,300 m2 is A+ class office space and 15,500 m2 is commercial space. The investors of the project are Liebrecht & wooD (the main investor – 60%) and BBI Development NFI S.A..

The complex is to be opened for use in autumn 2013.

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