Infosys BPO expansion in Łódź

Infosys office in Infosys Green Horizon complex in Łódź, photo by Konrad Jęcek
Infosys office in Infosys Green Horizon complex in Łódź, photo by Konrad Jęcek
Infosys BPO Poland company will lease additional 2,200 m2 in Green Horizon office building in Łódź. As a result, there will be new jobs.

Infosys BPO Poland, a company from modern business service sector, has decided to enlarge its space in Łódź office building. The company also plans to recruit 200 new people before the end of 2013. Infosys will lease additional 2,200 m2 in Infosys Green Horizon complex, realised by Skanska Property Poland company.

The intensification of recruitment processes is connected to the development of former company contracts, and also with gaining new brands for clients' portfolio. Currently the company is looking for financiers, bookkeepers, accounting, shopping and logistics experts, also managers of databases or people specialising in the service of SAP processes and implementing SAP projects. Both experienced experts and the people who only have entered the job market can look for a job at Infosys.

Infosys is dynamically developing a portfolio of both serviced brands and the services it is providing. It is also more and more strongly positioning its offer among possible clients on Polish market. Intensification of recruitment processes is a result of quick rise of the centre. Before the end of a current year, we will have enlarged our staff by 200 new employees – announces Krystian Bestry, Delivery Head of Infosys BPO Europe - By doing that Infosys will strengthen its position as the biggest investor from the modern business services sector in Łódź's region, and one of the leading representatives of that field in Poland – he adds.

Infosys is the main tenant of Infosys Green Horizon complex. It moved into Łódź office seven months ago, and now it has decided to enlarge office space. The company has yet again enlarged the space in the last few months. That makes Infosys lease in total over 15,000 m2 out of 33,000 m2 available in the object.

Green Horizon complex has been created specially to meet the needs of companies from modern business services sector. For the majority of the outsourcing field's subjects, a keyword, describing their most important expectations for the developer, is elasticity. The provider of office space has to adjust to specific requirements of the companies. Elasticity is understanding client's dynamic business situation. Service centres often are assigned with new supply of tasks, which have to be implemented very quickly. That requires gaining new workers quickly and providing new - comfortable workspaces for them. An example of that is our new lease contract with Infosys – says Arkadiusz Rudzki, Leasing And Asset Director in Skanska Property Poland company.

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