The office building in Bydgoszcz encouraged the developer

Jagiellońska 21 office building in Bydgoszcz
Jagiellońska 21 office building in Bydgoszcz
DTZ company which is responsible for the commercialization of office building Jagiellońska 21, signed a lease agreement with the company DOM Holding Sp. z o.o.

Created in 1993, Jagiellońska 21 office building  offers a total of 4795 sqm., including 3913 sqm. of office space. Tenants have flexibility in choosing size of the area - from 20 sqm. up to 1436 sqm. So far, the building attracts smaller tenants who decide to occupy the area of 100 sqm. One of them is the developer DOM Holding Sp. z o.o.

Our company since August rents office space in Jagiellońska 21 office building in Bydgoszcz - says Jarosław Gonczerzewicz, CEO in DOM Holding Sp. z o.o. The decision about renting the office space was made very quickly because the offer was very beneficial. Main reasons were: very good location in the city center, convenient parking for employees and company’s guests and the ability to use common facilities. In the office there are very comfortable working conditions, rooms are well lit, the property is equipped with central air-conditioning, elevators or built in cabinets. The building support services are on a very good level. Protection of the building which directs visitors and supervises the rented rooms is a huge advantage. This property is ideally suited for an established company such as ours, which cares about the image and working conditions  - he adds.

The Jagiellońska 21  office building is equipped with access control, fiber optic and computer, electric and telephone cabling. The property also has a telephone exchange as well as efficient air-conditioning systems and smoke and heat detectors. The building has also installed a suspended ceiling, raised floors and wall partitions.


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