Lease agreements for 5500 sqm. in Rondo 1

In recent weeks in Rondo 1 contracts were signed for nearly 5500 sqm. of area, both with new tenants and present users of the building.

Agreements were signed with companies such as CBRE, Carrefour, Franklin Templeton, TU Europa and Banco de Sabadell.

CBRE will move to the entire 24th floor in Rondo 1, increasing thereby the area of its existing office to 1,400 sqm. DAGO Centrum  company, specialized in rental of small offices and conference service, extended the lease agreement for nearly 1000 sqm. on 2 tier of office building. In contrast, the investment company Franklin Templeton decided to increase the area occupied on 26th tier to more than 800 sqm. In Rondo 1 there will also remain the company Aareal Bank, which occupies less than 250 sqm. on the 33rd floor, and a branch of a financial group Banco de Sabadell, operating on 130 sqm. on the 29th floor. A lease agreement for 1,200 square meters  of surface was also extended by Carrefour supermarket  operating in retail and service part in Rondo 1.

Whereas new tenants in the building are Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A., which will occupy more than 350 square meters of area on 33 floors, as well as ZF Friedrichshafen AG company, which office will occupy less than 300 sqm. on the 9th floor.

Rondo 1 is one of the most prestigious office buildings in this part of Europe. We are proud trusted by our previous tenants who decided to stay in the building and extend the occupied space. We believe that companies that became tenants will also be pleased with the location and top-quality space in Rondo 1 - said Wojciech Smyk of BlackRock company, responsible for managing Rondo 1.

All contracts were concluded for at least 5 years.

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