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Business Garden - sports equipment
What do sport and office have in common? At first sight, it may seem that they are not related at all, however, appearances can be deceiving…

“Sport equals health” is not only a well known adage. Physical activity actually does have a good influence on health, condition, or well-being. A proper infrastructure and rich offer for the enthusiasts of sport are more and more often made available in the offices.


Motivating effort


Sport has a positive impact on health and condition, but it also influences the mood. People who are physically active have more energy, and often, better well-being. Regular exercises enhance both concentration and memory. Additionally, sport helps to release stress and to relax. No wonder that employers promote physical activity among employees, and that there are still new places and sport initiatives in the offices.


Sport initiatives 


Developers more and more often come up with interesting sport initiatives aimed at their tenants. For instance, Vastint handed its tenants company sports equipment within the Hospitality program. The employees can benefit from them in the recreation zones located on the area of Business Garden. Thanks to a great interest in sport zones, we decided to organize an event supporting our tenants in propagating physical activity in work places through providing them with professional sports equipment. Depending on the number of personnel, each of the tenants is to receive one or two specially made sets. It is a functional box in which we put e.g. a volleyball and basketball, badminton rackets and table tennis bat, or boule set. We did not also forget about such details as a ball pump – says Joanna Gogolewska, Property Manager of Business Garden in Poznań.


Sport garden


As it has been already mentioned, the office parks of Business Garden offer space for physical activity to its tenants on the area of gardens which surround the buildings. Business Garden in Wrocław offers interesting solutions in this field. For instance, a beach volleyball court is located in a specially designed sport zone. It is adjacent to basketball and volleyball courts, which can be also used by the enthusiasts of tennis. Besides, the garden has special places for fans. Interestingly, the sport zones are popular not only among tenants. For instance, the inhabitants of the neighboring housing estate benefit from such places in Poznań during evenings and at weekends.

Moreover, Nowa Stajnia, which is being erected in Krakow, has a garden, which can be used by tenants for doing various sports. For instance, there is a beach volleyball court on its area. It is also a perfect place for people who like walking or running.


Sports facilities


The offices provide not only perfect working conditions. More and more buildings can also boast about rich service facilities, also the ones which are related to physical activity and health. They can be also used by inhabitants of a city where a given investment is located. The example is Tricity. A recreation and sport center was established there during the first stage of Alchemia, within which three buildings: Aquastacja, Tiger Gym Fitness Club and Sportstacja operate. Aquastacja is a modern complex of swimming pools, the offer of which is intended for adults, children and babies. Sportstacja is a multifunctional gym, which offers an opportunity of playing basketball, volleyball, futsal, badminton and judo.


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Marcin - HSF group :
Świetnie, że w końcu ktoś mówi o tej sprawdzonej metodzie zwiększania produktywności i zdrowia pracowników. Dodatkowo, tworzenie stref fitness-wellness-spa w biurowcu przez właściciela obiektu jako część wspólna (a nie komercyjny klub fitness) niesie za sobą mnóstwo korzyści... Stworzyliśmy w Polsce kilka takich stref i odbiór takich stref przez najemców i ich pracowników jest rewelacyjny :)
Oby więcej takich artykułów !
February 16, 2017 at 11:27 AM