Antares has a new tenant

Antares office block
Antares office block
KRD Economic Information Bureau joined the group of office space tenants in the Antares building in Warsaw.

Colliers International completed the negotiations on 7 February of the current year. In accordance with the arrangement, KRD Economic Information Bureau will use 500 sq. m of the space in the building. The building offers the total amount of about 8 500 sq.m of space dedicated to office use. At present, the following companies have their headquarters in the building: Havas, Call Centre Poland, Neo Investments Group, Capital Park and legal office KPP. The employees of KRD Economic Information Bureau will start to work in the office block before the end of February. Initially, there will be no more than 50 of them, but the company aims at expanding the scale of its activities on Warsaw market and to prepare a total of 200 jobs in 2015. The main task of the new division of the company will be to sell services and to provide customer service.


The decisive factor in the choice of the Antares office block was its good location, 7 km away from the centre of the capital city, on Marynarska Street in the Mokotów District. Other business buildings are in the vicinity of the office block.


A huge advantage of Antares is its location and the effectiveness of the building. Although the office block is located in the area, where the supply of new buildings is constantly increasing, its established status on the office market ensures that new tenants are hugely interested in it, convinces Dawid Wątorski, Associate, Office Space Department, The Owner’s Representative, Colliers International, who was responsible for the transaction.  

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