PRA Health Sciences is growing in Mokotow

Catalina Office Center is located in Warsaw Mokotow
Catalina Office Center
The company offering clinical examinations decided to extend the term of a lease agreement and enlarge an occupied area in Catalina Office Center.

PRA Health Sciences company enlarged a rented area in a Warsaw office to 500 sq. m, thanks to which it currently occupies over 2000 sq. m. During the process of extending the term of an agreement, the tenant was advised by DTZ experts.

PRA Health Science, one of the largest companies conducting clinical examinations all over the world, hires over 10 000 employees in over 80 countries.

Catalina Office Center is located in Warsaw Mokotow, in the corner of Puławska and Rzymowski Street. It is the first office investment of Catalina Group developer. The project of the building, characterized by original solid, originated in Szaroszyk & Rycerski Architekci Sp. z o.o. studio. The west wall leans forward the Rzymowski Street. Offices in the building are arranged around central corpus containing elevators, staircases and sanitary rooms. On the ground floor of the building, except for office part, gastronomic and commercial areas are situated. The occupiers may use an underground garage with 151 parking places. From the Wyścigowa Street, outside garages are intended to guests. 

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