Sodexo in Intel building

Sodexo restaurant in the building of Intel Technology Poland in Gdańsk
Sodexo restaurant in the building of Intel Technology Poland in Gdańsk
Sodexo On-site Services launched a restaurant in the complex of ALLCON@park, in whole rented by Intel Technology Poland company in Gdańsk.

Be… by Sodexo restaurant occupies 350 sq. m and services over 1500 employees hired by Intel Technology Poland – a producer of integrated circuits and microprocessors.


The launching of the restaurant was preceded by adaptation as well as repair works and consultations concerning functionality of particular rooms. The modernization included the whole development of a delivery line, reorganization, change of arrangement and equipment of kitchen hinterland. During the renovation, Sodexo started a catering offer, aimed at employees in the building, thanks to which fresh meals were delivered to desks with the use of a mobile gastronomic cart.


The restaurant will serve various dishes, both meat and vegetarian. In its menu, there will be courses prepared without fat and gluten, Polish and international dishes, taking seasonality of products and calendar of celebrated holidays into consideration and also meals at request prepared by cooks in a show-cooking system. The courses will be prepared daily on the spot and composed in accordance with ISO 22000 norm which guarantees quality and safety of used foodstuff.


Sodexo Poland On-site Services manages almost 80 restaurants and conducts technical service of properties in over 400 structures in Poland. The company is owned by Sodexo Group which provides services increasing quality of life. The company was founded in 1996 by Pierre Bellon. Currently, it functions in 80 countries, managing properties and offering motivational services.


Intel Technology Poland is the only tenant of ALLCON@park complex, owned by Allcon Investment partnership.


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iwona :
czarno ,buro i ponuro są dni że jedzenie da się zjeść smaczne a i takie bywają że do żołądka nie trafiają,wolałam starą kuchnię można było zjeść coś lepszego.wielkie bum zrobili czarną scenę aby dać mniejsze porcje na jedzenie
November 9, 2014 at 10:58 PM