PortaMedica on the ground floor in AdgarFit

AdgarFit in the complex of Adgar Park West
AdgarFit zone will occupy jointly ca. 6000 sq. m
Medical platform will conduct in the building the Center of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine as well as Center of Sports Dietetics.

PortaMedica will occupy over 320 sq. m and start its activity in the first quarter of 2015. The lease agreement was signed for 5 years. Moreover, Colliers company has been advising during concluding the transaction.


Gaining a sports clinic to the group of our tenants is great honor to us. As a passionate cyclist, I am aware of the fact how crucial preventive medical examinations and monitoring of our organism states are when we begin our journey with sport or when we practice it intensively. Assumed functional program of AdgarFit zone includes commercial areas, fitness club with unusual offer so far in Poland, restaurants, café with healthy food, and center of sports medicine and rehabilitation. I am glad that out ambitious vision comes true – comments Eyal Litwin, chairman in Adgar in Poland.


The clinic will perform medical examinations for professional competitors and amateurs in different age. Its patients will have a chance to consult within sports medicine, cardiology, orthopedia, dietetics and sports psychology. In the clinic’s offer there will be also rehabilitation of a human musculoskeletal system as well as support of a training process based on physiotherapeutic functional assessment of the organism. PortaMedica Center of Sports Dietetics will also conduct its activity in AdgarFit.


AdgarFit zone will occupy jointly ca. 6000 sq. m of Adgar Park West space. It will constitute a place where shops with sport accessories, specialists’ advice, equipment like mini pools so called Endless Pools, stations in which one may mount his own bicycle or test models available on the market, fitness club and center of sports medicine will be located under one roof. The opening of AdgarFit is planned on autumn 2014. The zone is rented in 80 per cent.


Adgar Park West office complex, located at Aleje Jerozolimskie, is composed of three joined buildings which form a complex with total rental space amounting over 43 000 sq. m. On the area of the buildings, there are ca. 800 parking places altogether.

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