Bufab Poland with new warehouse and clerical space

Panattoni Park Gdańsk
Panattoni Park Gdańsk
Bufab Poland, Polish branch of the supplier of fastener elements and Small parts, signed a lease agreement of 1700 sq. m of warehouse space and 400 sq. m of offices in Panattoni Park Gdańsk.

Rented office space will perform the function of Bufab Poland headquarters. The company will start the activity in a new structure in the third quarter of 2014. The consultants of JLL Warehouse and Industrial Space Department mediated in the conducting of the transaction.


The present development of Panattoni Park Gdańsk created an opportunity of delivering space which will be consistent with requirements of Bufab Poland. Apart from a modern warehouse, the company also rented functional office space, the offer of which allowed to obtain considerable savings – comments Mateusz Iłowiecki, consultant in JLL Warehouse and Industrial Space Department.


Panattoni Park Gdańsk offers its clients warehouse and clerical space. The center is located in the neighborhood of A1 motorway, close to the port and new container deep-water terminal. The development of Panattoni Park Gdańsk by 17 5000 sq. m of space is a crucial investment – it will extend warehouse area on a relatively small market in the neighborhood of Tricity, which becomes more and more attractive location for investors. Moreover, the number of citizens in Tricity and nearby boroughs totals over a million. These are clients of different productive and service companies, including Internet shops, which favor the location of companies’ warehouses concentrated on the service of a local community – says Bartłomiej Krawiecki, managing partner in Panattoni Europe.

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