HB Reavis sold two Slovak investments to NEPI fund

Aupark Tower in Koszyce
Aupark shopping mall in Koszyce
HB Reavis announced a sale of Aupark Koszyce shopping mall and adjoining Aupark Tower office.

The purchaser of both properties is New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) partnership, a real estate market fund recorded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and also on a regulated market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and AIM London market, which is the part of the London Stock Exchange. The value of the contract totals 165 million euro.


Aupark shopping mall offers ca. 34 000 sq. m of rentable area and 1100 parking places. The structure is located in the center of Koszyce – the second largest city in Slovakia. The gallery is visited by ca. 11 million people annually, which makes it the most popular shopping mall in Slovakia.


Aupark Tower office owns 12 700 sq. m of business area which is rented to such companies as: IBM, PWC, Holcim, or Eset. Thanks to a perfect location, in close proximity to Aupark Koszyce gallery, the tenants of the structure have the possibility to benefit from numerous facilities offered by the shopping mall.


Currently, the sales agreement is waiting for confirmation from Slovakian Antitrust Office. Within conducted NEPI transaction, it will take over a multifunctional complex which is being realized on the area of former Malinowski barracks, located on the outskirts of Koszyce center.


It is the second transaction between HB Reavis and NEPI. Last year the same fund purchased Aupark shopping mall in Żylin.


Aupark brand became a synonym of shopping malls with the highest quality. The sales of Aupark Koszyce complex is a crowning of a next succeeded undertaking of HB Reavis. The unceasing interest from such prestigious partners as NEPI constitutes an evidence of a high attractiveness of our investments not only from the perspective of shopping mall clients and tenants but also from serious investors. Moreover, we are still planning to develop Aupark brand. Currently, we are realizing the first shopping mall of such type in Czech Republic, in Hradec Králové city – comments Marian Herman, Financial Director in HB Reavis.

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