ECO First Such Office Building in Europe!

Varso against the panorama of Warsaw (visualization)
Varso is the first building in Europe which has received the WELL pre-certificate. The office is currently being erected in Warsaw and it has already joined the group of buildings with this particular distinguishing from all over the world.

Thanks to the solutions implemented already at the design stage, Varso has received the WELL Building Institute (IWBI) pre-certificate with a high grade, that is Gold. The final certificate will be granted after the commissioning (planned in 2020). WELL pre-certification indicates that a given building has already been assessed at the design stage and meets all the requirements which are necessary to receive the final certificate, according to opinions of independent experts. Varso is the first project with WELL pre-certificate in Europe. The final certificate was granted to only a few single buildings situated in France, Spain and Great Britain.  

WELL certification system is an innovative way for looking at buildings. It is aimed at users of buildings and it promotes solutions which have a direct impact on their health and well-being. The assessed factors are: air, water or lighting quality in work place and issues related to, for instance, nutrition or care about physical activity. Designers and engineers, who are responsible for the Varso project, have already took care about both proper planning of rooms and selection of good materials, construction and technical solutions at the design stage.

While creating a place which encourages to spend time in it and which favors creativity and productivity, we have to remember about these qualities at the beginning of design works and from the moment of the first digging with a spade. We are really proud of the fact that we can boost about WELL Core & Shell certificate as the first developer in Europe. It is one of the elements which make that Varso will be a really unique place, not only due to its location, scale or quality of architecture – says Stanislav Frnka, Chairman of the Board of HB Reavis Poland, developer of Varso.

WELL Core & Shell pre-certificate confirms the pioneer character of Varso from the point of view of care about health and well-being of the future employees. The main objective of our organization is promotion of such solutions not only in the industry environment but also in the whole society. We are convinced that projects such as Varso will inspire other investors and developers in Poland – says Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman of IWBI.

WELL certification system has been devised for seven years. As many as hundred solutions are checked in the certified buildings as they have to provide, for instance, good air quality. In order to achieve this goal, proper finishing materials with low emissive power of harmful substances are applied and it is also important to deliver enough air with proper quality, regular control of ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as smoking ban in the neighborhood of the building. Another assessed factor is water quality, which is regularly tested. The WELL certificate is also related to application of strict guidelines concerning lighting. The building should protect against noise from the outside. The additional criterion is the use of the so called biophilic design (design based upon inspirations from nature with the use of greenery and natural materials).


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