Sodexo store in Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park in Warsaw
Oxygen Park in Warsaw
Sodexo Poland On-site Services company opened its first store of convenience type under C-Store by Sodexo brand. The establishment is located on the area of Oxygen Park in Warsaw.

C-Store by Sodexo is a new store brand on the Polish market of a convenience type, that is trade points located i.a. in office complexes offering necessities of life and the most often bought products by consumers, including i.a. groceries, household chemistry and cosmetics. Moreover, these stores enable recharging a telephone, using LOTTO lottery office, that is purchase of municipal transport tickets, press and cigarettes.


We founded C-Store by Sodexo in order to respond to needs of overworked people. It is not accidentally that the first C-Store was located in place where we own our office. We have been testing this concept and we belive in its success. Why? The aim of functioning this store is to enhance the work comfort and facilitation concerning the life of employees who spend most of their days in the office. Such minor things contribute to improvement of life quality which is one of the crucial pillars of Sodexo activity – comments Yann Gontard, General Director in Sodexo Poland On-site Services.


The first C-Store by Sodexo store in Poland is located on the area of Oxygen Park office complex at Jutrzenki 137 Street in Warsaw. Except for wide stock of the most popular products of daily needs, the overworked clients will also find there fresh, prepared on the spot snacks such as wraps, bagels, sandwiches and fruit and vegetable cocktails. All snacks and desserts will be delivered from a store to CHILLI Bistro by Sodexo restaurant located on the area of the complex, considered as the best worker canteen in Poland in the Food Business Awards 2014 competition.


C-Store by Sodexo at Jutrzenki Street in Warsaw is the first store of this brand in Poland, although the „comfortable stores” concept is known and developed by Sodexo i.a. in the USA and Great Britain.

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