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Offices in a former cholera hospital?

Former cholera hospital in Fordon district in Bydgoszcz, author: Tomasz Czachorowski, source: express.bydgoski.pl
Former cholera hospital in Fordon district in Bydgoszcz, author: Tomasz Czachorowski, source: express.bydgoski.pl
A private investor from Bydgoszcz purchased a former cholera hospital in Fordon. After a renovation which will cost ca. 600 000 zlotys – offices or a hotel will arise in it.

The city has been struggling with a historic cholera hospital in Fordon for a really long time – a preservationist objected to its demolition and there were no willing people on the purchase toward a tender. Unexpectedly, the structure fell into the hands of Nicholas Piotrowski, a computer scientist and entrepreneur from Fordon.


I have read an article in a newspaper that a cholera hospital was put up for sale and there is no purchaser for it. I am a Fordon man from birth and I have still in my memory the history of a former town hall in old Fordon where a beautiful library was placed and which was later demolished. I did not want the building to end up in the same way because it is one of the latest existing monuments in this part of the city – explains Nicholas Piotrowski to express.bydgoski.pl portal. – Apart from that, the price was attractive, although the organization of finances was not so easy. It turned out that banks reluctantly intend money for investments of such type. However, it eventually succeeded.


The building was founded in 1900 and it has been performing a role of a hospital for sick people during the cholera epidemic. After the Second World War – allocated apartments were placed in it. The investor estimates that the renovation will cost ca. 600 000 zlotys and it will last ca. five years.


The structure has no development plan. I would like to design offices here or maybe a hotel. If I find some mementoes or documents related to this place, I will certainly expose them – ensures the owner.

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