A premises for only one zloty

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(pic pixabay.com)
A new program addressed at fledgling entrepreneurs starts in Bydgoszcz. It will help companies to rent a premises for a symbolic one zloty.

"Lokal na start" (“Premises for fledgling entrepreneurs”) is mainly addressed at entrepreneurs who start their business activity. The fledgling entrepreneurs are to receive support in the form of premises available for a symbolic 1 zloty/1 sq. m for the first two years from the moment of starting their business activity. It will help them to save money and spend them on various needs related to running a business activity such as promotion, advertisement or furnishings.


The President of the City of Bydgoszcz Rafał Bruski signed a resolution which introduced the program on 27th October this year. The unemployment rate in Bydgoszcz amounts to only 4.9 per cent, however, we still care about new companies. I believe that this program is to motivate all people who now hesitate whether to start their business activity, which is always burdened with heavy costs at the beginning. Thanks to a premises for one zloty, these costs are to be reduced. Additional asset is development of premises in the city – says the President of the City of Bydgoszcz Rafał Bruski.  


"Lokal na start" (“Premises for fledgling entrepreneurs”) can also have a positive impact on the image of the city. It will contribute to development of vacant buildings. Running of a business activity in the so far unused places is a way for reviving a certain area in the city. According to the assumptions, the program will help to save money. Administracja Domów Miejskich has to maintain premises which are unpopular among investors and this symbolic fee for rent is to encourage companies to develop such places. The program can also contribute to increase in number of new companies established in Bydgoszcz.


How is this program going to work in practice? The contracts for lease of premises are to be signed for a fixed period, maximally for 3 years with 1-month period of notice. According to the agreement, the rent will amount to 10 zlotys for 1 sq. m. The tenant is to receive an allowance in the amount of 9 zlotys per 1 sq. m for the first 24 months from the moment of starting their business activity. The mentioned allowance makes that rent amounts to one zloty. After two years from starting a business activity, the right to allowance expires, and the rent amounts to 10 zlotys per sq. m. All entrepreneurs who pay the so called “small ZUS” can benefit from the program, that is within the period of the first two years from the moment of starting their business activity. The program is to include premises which still do not have a tenant after two tenders.


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