Medical Center in Piastów Office Center

Piastów Office Center
Piastów Office Center
Dom Lekarski SA signed a lease agreement concerning office area in Piastów Office Center in Szczecin in January of the current year.

The organization informed that it will occupy 795 sq. m in C building. The agreement was conducted for the next 10 years and the estimative value of gross payments resulting from the contract totals 8 500 000 zlotys. The value of the income from providing medical services in Medical Center located in Piastów Office Center in the period of letting is estimated on 48 000 000 zlotys.


Dom Lekarski partnership in Piastów Office Center will be conducting a medical activity in the area of preventive and treatment procedures which are not financed from funds of National Health Fund, concerning i.a. general and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, oncology, hematology, gynecology, dermatology and allergology.


Dom Lekarski SA has been providing medical services for 15 years –.mainly in the area of ophthalmology and orthopedics. However, the scale of conducted activity increases every year which generates demand for new areas intended for cabinets and operating rooms. In 2011, the partnership opened Turzyn Medical Center in Turzyn shopping mall in Szczecin. The company will use gained experience to conduct medical activity in Piastów Office Center.


Piastów Office Center is a modern office complex composed of three buildings: A, B and C. The first of them, which offers 8400 sq. m, was commissioned in April 2013 and the second one, which has 6800 sq. m of office space, was commissioned in June in 2014. Moreover, C structure is currently being built and it will be commissioned in June 2015. This part of the complex will deliver 5200 sq. m. Each building of Piastów Office Center owns 5 aboveground tiers and there is also a 3-tier underground garage with ca. 520 parking places. The owner of the structure is Realkapital Szczecin II.

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