PKP CARGO rents in A4 Business Park

A4 Business Park
A4 Business Park
PKP CARGO signed a lease contract for 8000 sq. m in the office owned by A4 Business Park in Katowice. The owner of the structure is Echo Investment.

It is one of the greatest transactions on the regional office market in Poland. The Katowice central office and foregoing headquarters of the partnership’s office are going to move into a new building in A4 Business Park in September this year. The company was advised by the Savills consulting agency during the consolidation of Katowice departments of PKP CARGO.


At present, PKP CARGO occupies two buildings in Katowice – an office at St. Wojciech Street owned by the company and the other office rented at Wojciech Korfanty Avenue. A decision about moving of these both offices into one structure is aimed at enhancement of functionality of the partnership's department in Katowice as well as comfort of employees. Moreover, PKP CARGO is putting up for sales a structure located at St. Wojciech Street.  


After a thorough analysis of the situation concerning properties owned by PKP CARGO in Katowice, we decided to resign from two distinct headquarters and we chose one common office for the institution and Katowice head office. It is the best solution. The combination of two headquarters is a trend noticeable in big enterprises. It allows on more effective management of office areas and cost optimization – says Łukasz Hadyś, Member of the Board in PKP CARGO for finances.


The renting of 8000 sq. m in the building B owned by A4 Business Park is one of the greatest lease transactions concerning office area in Katowice in recent years. Joanna Nicińska, senior leasing manager in Department for Offices and Hotels in Echo Investment adds that PKP CARGO is going to confirm the option for ca. 1500 sq. m of area in the same building in June this year. Therefore, the second stage of A4 Business Park will be totally rented.  


The new headquarters is a technologically advanced building which perfectly signs itself in our needs. The applied solutions will certainly enhance the quality of work of all employees in offices of PKP CARGO located in Katowice – adds Artur Kostowski, Chairman of the Property Office in PKP CARGO.


A4 Business Park is being realized at Francuska Street in Katowice in close proximity to the turning of the A4 motorway. The structure is surrounded by a well-developed chain of public transport – numerous bus stops and PKP station are located in the neighborhood. A4 Business Park is composed of three buildings. The realization of the first one with a cubature multilevel car park with 560 parking places was completed in the first quarter of 2014. The 7-tier building (9 000 sq. m) was totally rented by the IBM IT concern. Moreover, the other 10-tier structure with the total office area amounting to ca. 9 000 sq. m is currently being realized within the second stage of the investment. The A4 Business Park project was devised by the DDJM architectural studio from Cracow.


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