The Most Modern Office Block in Łódź is Attracting New Tenants

Sterlinga Business Center
Sterlinga Business Center
Sterlinga Business Center is the first BREEAM certified office block in Łódź. Its new tenant is BRE Bank JSC.

Once the 7 year lease transaction was signed with BRE Bank, the rented office space of the building exceeded 65%. The institution is going to occupy two highest storeys, i.e. 2.125 sqM. The new offices will hold a call centre and customer service for  mBank's clients.

BRE Bank JSC is one of many companies which rent the office space of  Sterlinga Business Center on 8a Sterlinga Street, Łódź. The ecological and low-energy solutions employed in the construction, which enable the optimisation of expenses, have attracted companies such as: hilips, Nycomed, Budimex, Tate & Lyle, Rule Financial and BRE Bank. Functional offices fitted with ecological materials, guarantee perfect working conditions.

Due to it high standards, Sterlinga Business Center remains unrivalled among the Łódź office buildings. The ecological office block boasts a great location and is well communicated with the rest of the city.

Cushman & Wakefield is the property manager.

BRE Bank has been active on the Polish market since 1986. The group consists of mBank and MultiBank. BRE Bank has received many awards (the honorary award Entrepreneur-Friendly Bank in 2011, Best Private Banking in Poland in 2011, and more).

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