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CPI Acquires Equator II

Equator II office building is a new investment in the portfolio of CPI Property Group (CPIPG). The representative building situated at Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw was purchased from Karimpol Poland.

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New Design and New Tenant

Karimpol and the coffee shop chain Daftcafe have signed a lease agreement in the Equator II office building. This will be the fourth outlet of the chain in Warsaw, scheduled to open on 1 October 2017. Karimpol has also reinvented the entrance lobby in the building.

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ECO New offices at Aleje Jerozolimskie

Two new companies situate their registered offices in Equator II, whereas Connectis extends its office by additional sq. m. Lease contracts signed by the owner of the building – Karimpol Poland – include the total space amounting to over 600 sq. m.

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