New Design and New Tenant

Karimpol and the coffee shop chain Daftcafe have signed a lease agreement in the Equator II office building. This will be the fourth outlet of the chain in Warsaw, scheduled to open on 1 October 2017. Karimpol has also reinvented the entrance lobby in the building.

Elegant and modern: these are the key concepts embodied in the new design of the Equator II entrance lobby. The ground floor of the building spanning ca. 200 square meters of floor space will be refurbished, including the reception bay, the canteen, and the lobby. The interiors feature painted glass, which amplifies the spacious Equator II lobby while making the space appear more intricate. The size of the lobby is emphasised by elongated vertical hanging lamps floating over the reception area. While the décor uses subdued colours: grey, red, and white, the composition appears vibrant thanks to a wall of greenery and plants in tall containers. Simple forms meet diverse materials in an inspiring harmony. With the investment, Equator II brings new quality and enhanced functionality for better comfort of tenants. The refurbishment is scheduled to be completed in September 2017. The new interior of the common space has been designed by JMP Service.

The added value for tenants and visitors to the office property includes the offer of the coffee shop Daftcafe, which will open an outlet at Aleje Jerozolimskie 96 in early October. The coffee shop will be situated on the ground floor, adding a finishing touch to the composition of the décor.

I am happy that we will soon introduce Equator II in a new format. We have decided to refurbish the common space in the office building in order to give our tenants even more comfort as users of the building, said Harald Jeschek, Managing Partner of Karimpol Polska. We wanted to create an elegant space within the office building, which would be open as well as modern thanks to forward-looking design.

The one of the key tenants of Equator II is Medicover, which has decided to extend their lease of medical space in the building. The additional floor space was developed into a pharmacy.

Equator II opened in 2011. The property offers 21,300 square metres of modern office space on 14 overground floors and a car park with 250 spaces on 4 underground levels. Another 45 parking spaces are available outside the building. The key tenants include Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, AON, and REGUS.


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