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00-754 Warszawa
Jurija Gagarina 28
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About us

The company JEMS ARCHITECTS was formed in 1988, however, the architectural JEMS Partners have worked continuously since the early 1980s, being one of the first private design studios operating in the Warsaw market.

The company partners are:
Architects: Olgierd Jagiełło, Maciej Miłobędzki, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski and Marcin Sadowski and Wojciech Zych-Chairman of the management board responsible for the formal issues-legal and finance.

In 2003, the Management Board was joined by architects - partners: Paweł Majkusiak and Andrzej Sidorowicz, and in 2006 - Marek Moskal. Over a dozen years a small design studio JEMS Architects transformed into an architectural team with a number close to 60 people.

Partners together with the architects are leading the individual themes and are responsible for the whole of the design process and construction, coordinating and directing the work of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, JEMS constantly cooperates with important design agencies, designers, and consultants of all specialties related to the project developed by us.

Since mid-2004,architectural studio JEMS has been located in a building designed by themselves, built for their own needs at ul. Gagarina Street, in Warsaw.