New office building for Konsalnet in Warsaw

An office building bespoken for the Konsalnet company, amounting to the the area of 9,000 sq m, is going to be constructed in Jana Kazimierza Street in Warsaw.

The company Konsalnet Holding S.A. is the biggest security company in Poland. A new location of its headquarters is going to be built in 53/55 Jana Kazimierza Street in Warsaw. A built-to-suit office project is going to amount to the area of 9,000 sq m where Konsalnet will occupy 8 300 sq m. The company was advised by CBRE on a choice of the new location site.

“One advantage of Jana Kazimierza Street in the Warsaw's district Wola is a short distance to the capital's city centre and shopping malls, such as Fort Wola. Konsalnet's employees will have an easy access to the main communication arteries of the city,” underlines Miłosz Michalski, Senior Negotiator in Office Department at CBRE.

Laris Investments, which belongs to Elektrim Group, is going to be the project's developer. The building is going to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2014.

“We are very satisfied with the fact that we managed to obtain the new location for Konsalnet. CBRE advised the leaseholder on reorganisation of real estate holdings. Consequently, huge savings were achieved for our client. Konsalnet is a vigorously developing company and we are positive that this bespoken building will fulfil all leaseholder's requirements. Our professional project managers team will look after building and arrangement works,” says Daniel Bienias, Director of Tenant Representation division at CBRE.

The CBRE company advised also on choosing real estate strategies consisting in consolidation of companies Konsalnet Holding S.A. and G4S. CBRE is going to monitor the progress of construction  works.

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ubek :
Ręka myje rękę. A niby kto miałby budować jak nie Elektrim z Prezesem który był Prezesem w Konsalnecie.
March 9, 2013 at 3:26 PM