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Warsaw Voice SA Publishing House specialises in publishing English-language periodical information publications, designated for broadly defined abroad. They are addressed to leaders of economy, business, politics, diplomacy, science, education, culture and art, who are interested in Poland. In order to effectively communicate with such a broadly defined, crucial for international position of Poland – group of addressees, the publisher uses both traditional printed publications (among others flagship The Warsaw Voice Magazine) and electronic multimedia products, distributed on-line (Internet vortal, newsletters in the form of e-mails, interactive databases, electronic versions of publications issued in print).


Warsaw Voice has a 22-year experience in presenting to the international forum problems of Polish politics, macro-economy, business, as well as investment conditions, complexity of the political scene, economic issues, along with culture and science, and strongly emphasising Polish point of view and Polish raison d'état.

Since many years it has been cooperating with government branches (among others with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of National Defence, State Committee for Scientific Research and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) and local governments. Since 2000 it cooperates with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and issues, together with Ministry of Science and Higher Education, an English-language monthly, devoted to presenting achievements of Polish science, entitled The Polish Science Voice. Its publications reach representatives of economic and political elite, as well many countries in Europe and the whole world. Among them are heads of institutions and firms, political and economic leaders, diplomats, higher officials, MPs of the European Union and representatives of international media.


Warsaw Voice SA Publishing House is prepared both substantially and technically to take up new Polish and foreign-language media enterprises and publishing projects. It has a unique, versatile set of English-language publications, which complement one another and are edited by Polish authors, from Polish point of view, in perfect English, guaranteed due to cooperation with the team of experienced translators and editors – native speakers.

The Warsaw Voice magazine has been issued without a break and without a change in its management since October 1988. Its publishing was undertaken in the period of preparations for the Polish Round Table Talks, critical for Poland and Europe. It is the only English-language periodical of informative character, edited "from Polish point of view". It boasts a universal formula, apart from economy and politics presenting also social and cultural issues. It successfully reaches the Western opinion-forming groups and political and economic decision centres, and is in possession of information distribution channels. The Warsaw Voice is available among others:

in international institutions and enterprises in Poland and abroad

in institutions and branches of the European Union, government branches of countries crucial for Polish interests, EBRD, NATO and others

in foreign embassies in Poland and in Polish diplomatic posts abroad,

in international chambers of commerce and industry, concentrating entities interested in Poland,

on boards of the planes of airlines serving links to and from Poland,

in high standard hotels, most often visited by foreigners.

An average single edition amounts to 10 500 copies. Apart from printed version, since 2005 it offers also full electronic version, available after subscribing on-line.

Vortal www.WarsawVoice.pl offers numerous original information communication tools, such as daily free electronic newsletters Daily Updated, available to registered users (premiere in August 2005), interactive base of cultural events in Warsaw – Warsaw Calendar of Events, as well as paid economical and political daily Poland's Voice Today. The website is visited monthly by over 500 000 users. Poland's Voice Today's news are delivered to e-mail box of subscribers in all weekdays from 7.45 a.m, Polish timezone. The data base of addressees of daily news, prepared within The Warsaw Voice Multimedia Platform, currently exceeds 12 000 addresses.