A hospitable office block in Podgorze Krakowskie

The illustration depicts Dekreta 18 office block
The facade of Dekreta 18 office block
Krakowskie podgorze is transforming itself into a business district, following the example of post-industrial areas of big cities. The southern part of Cracow has more and more modern office space to offer.

Investment is blossoming in the southern part of Cracow. This part  of the city has more and more modern office space to offer. During the next months the first stage of Enterprise Park will be put into operation and the construction of the first office block belonging to Orange Office park will commence. Aprt from such large projects , the south of Cracow is also oferring office space in smaller buildings, such as Diamente Plaza or the office block Dekreta 18, which is being put up in its vicinity.

Small, but well-located

The office block Dekreta 18 is a project of Roan company. Although the space is small (1800 square metres of total lease space), the building is distinguished by high standard and is very well-located. The building is situated 3 km from the Main Market Square, 2 km from Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. Additionally, the distance to the nearest tram stop is just a little above 200 m.

Dekreta is one of the streets in Zablocie, in Cracow, which is a part of Podgorze district. This street goes out of an arterty of Herlinga-Grudzińskiego and Klimeckiego streets. At the crosswords of those streets, there is an office block Diamente Plaza. Apart from office spaces, it also holds an elegant restaurant and a private kindergarten.


The development of the area

Close to the Dekerta 18 office block, there is a public kindergarden with very good reputation. Moreover, opposite the building, in the area which is now a dilapidated playground, a modern bulding with a small sports stadion, a public swimming pool, a bijou hotel and a restaurant. The vicinity of such a building is definitely an asset of this location, both because of a plcae where you can eat lunch and facilities for physical activities (which is very important for employees, who spend most of their time in the office).


The standard of the building

The Roan's four-storey building offers 1800 sq. metres office space, whereas the space of one storey si typically 500 square metres. The interior was designed in a way that takes into account energy-saving solutions: windows with increased thermal insulation, heat recovery unit (to recover energy) and district heating covered by Municipal Heat Supply company. In addition, VRV air conditioning will be istalled in this office building, which enables to control temperature in each room individually.

The investor also took care of car park for employees working in this facility.They will be located in the courtyard of the building. Apart from parking spaces for cars, a roofed shelter for bicycles and motorcycles is also expected. This is an important facility for potential tenants, as there are popular bike lanes in the vicinity of the building, which offer a very good connection with the city centre.

Business district

In the past few years in Podgorze, which so far has been associated mainly with post-industrial areas, a lot of modern office building have been put up. Andrzej Wlodarczyk, the co-owner of Roan comments on the small distance between large complexes as follows: In 2008, when the construction of Enterprise Park complex in the vicinity of such large office spaces began, I could see an opportunity to develop this area, as well as my own company. Now, when these buildings have already been put up, I consider it a big asset  of this area. One big company attracts another, and this is how office centres come to existence.


The company Roan has been operating in real estate industry for 5 years. This is the second project of the company. Ther first one was also an office building in Podgorze area. The decision to build Dekreta 18 was taken about 2 years ago. As Andrzej Wlodarczyk says: In the early project stages the nature of the building was more universal. We expected that we would be able to adjust it to particular tenants. It was the development of the district, focused on business centres, that made us change the nature of the project. Obviously, we plan to open the ground floor to enterprises in commercial and services industry, but, on the whole, the purpose of the building will definitely be offering space for office activities.


As we can see, Podgorze district is taking a stake in a modern office market, where apart from larger complexes there will also be a place for smaller office buildings. The demand for modern office spaces in Cracow is high, which is related to high marks that the city receives in global ratings of outsouring centres. Companies which do not want to rent offices in big complexes can make use of Roan's offer. In this way they will receive office space of high standard and in a good location. Additionally, this building retains all the advantages of business centre and yet it is distinguished by a feature which large complexes do not have - the feeling of cosiness.

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