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Realizations of Interbiuro company, photo by Yassen Hristov, Interbiuro.
Picture shows a conference room arrangement by OFFICE mebel company
Modern furniture companies no longer limit their activity to sale of products. More and more often one can find businesses which offer complex services including full arrangement and equipping of an office.

Office arrangement is one of the key stages in preparing our own work station. A place in which we spend so much of our time should be appropriately thought out, designed to make us feel good. Well furnished office results in improvement of employees' well-being, greater effectiveness as well as friendly atmosphere. The leaseholders doesn't need to be knowledgeable in the area of office space arrangement. Modern companies supplying furniture relieve them and offer complex services – from purchase of a desk to providing a completely furnished office ready for use.

From empty premises to a modern office

Times in which furniture companies' service ended with the delivery of a product are slowly fading into oblivion. The market forced such enterprises to decidedly expand the range of provided services. A transaction can, of course, end with the purchase of an office chair fir example, but more complex orders now make an important part of such company's activity. The aim is to create a situation, in which the client can receive a complex service in one company. For client this means benefits in the form of saved time, while for furniture companies it results in the need for closer cooperation with designers, interior arrangement experts etc. One such company is OFFICE Mebel, whose owner, Janusz Wierzbicki, brings up one example of such order: - I had once been providing services for TAKT company, one of the bigger disc manufacturers, located near Olkusz. There was only a hall on site- I had to perform complex furnishing of these objects: partition walls fitting the interior arrangement we've designed, suspended ceilings, electric installations, white-ware in toilets, door fittings, floor carpeting, full soundproofing of the studio, warehouses, constructions ( I also had to organize an internal tender for the designer of steel construction ) and of course the office furniture as part of turn-key contract for the office. It was a fully complex service – in this case I've been pretty much a second investor.

A client often demands that it is the construction company fully furnishes the office (in which case the furniture company becomes the subcontractor), but the choice of furniture supplier has an immense impact on office's final look. Such companies must be in constant contact with construction industry companies – both to acquire orders and to execute them better.

A full services package

A sample mode of operation in furnishing an office can be separated into few stages. A leaseholder interested in furnishing contacts a furniture company. During the conversation, client gives information regarding the scale of his needs ( how extensive is the service meant to be) or layout of the rooms in the place. In the case of more simple orders, the client, with the help of computer software, may receive the preliminary design of interior arrangement in the office already on this stage- during the conversation in the office. Performing a full arrangement project requires a professional's visit in the premises. In the case of more complex service, which includes things such as choosing paint or tiles, the furniture company cooperates with interior experts in order to execute the order as best as possible.

The next stage consists of delivering the furniture and product assembly on site. It is important to take care of the entire logistical base (like contact with the building's owner for example). The choice of right assembly team can decide on success of the entire venture. It's up to them whether the furniture is delivered  in a professional manner, without damage or scars. On this stage the project is adapted in an existing premise.

Furniture companies' additional services

If the selected supplier's furniture catalogue fails to meet client's expectations, there is also an option of making custom furniture. It is always a challenge for a company, but also a chance to prove itself and confirm its professionalism. One such challenge was a commission executed by Janusz Wierzbicki from OFFICE mebel: -  I've once performed furnishings of entire headquarters of CARREFOUR Polska in Warsaw. The difficulty lay in the fact that I had to create a completely individual solution – even the desks were uncommon. The amount of commissioned furniture was very high, with a ridiculously short time. That was the first test phase. Because of the Client's requirements, time for execution and a large number of competitors from the entire Poland fighting for this commission that had to be beaten – it was a huge challenge and an achievement, which got confirmed with positive references coming from CARREFOUR Polska.

The furniture has to meet appropriate requirements supported by certificates. For example, furniture used in public utility structures have to be made of flame retardant materials with high levels of durability.

Furniture and health

Attestation and certificates are one thing, but a common worker first and foremost requires one thing: ergonomics. Ergonomics is a keyword when it comes to modern office furniture. A piece of furniture can be considered ergonomic only if it is adjusted to human psycho-physical conditions. As such an ergonomic chair is going to be designed so that it relieve the user's spine as best as possible. An arrangement system can also be ergonomic, so long as they abide by Health and Safety rules, and make the worker's life easier. Proper interior arrangement can – at least up to certain degree – eliminate the so-called office diseases. Correct material used in the production of furniture reduce emission of harmful substances. Their appropriate layout, in turn, increases user's comfort – and as a consequence the employees are less tired. This, in turn, results in better well-being and efficiency, so one can safely say that it doesn't pay off to save on furniture ( especially on ergonomic chairs).

Good office arrangement means not only caring about how it looks, but also picking the furniture in a way that it has a positive influence on employee efficiency. Furniture companies which care about satisfying their clients, help them in choosing appropriate office furnishings and their set up. It definitely facilitates the process of creating a comfortable office.

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Fajnie, że w biurach stosują takie ciepłe i żywe kolory jak na zdjęciach, nie jest ponuro.
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