ECO Kapelanka 42 – a green office

Kapelanka 42 office building's visualisation
Kapelanka 42 visualisation
The construction of two buildings under Kapelanka 42 project in Cracow starts soon. Its investor is Skanska, a globally recognized construction and developer company.

- We're introducing a new quality to Cracow – says Marcin Łapiński, regional director at Skanska Property Poland. It is going to appear in 2014 already, thanks to a modern, pro-ecological office complex, which shall provide comfortable work conditions for entrepreneurs on its 28 000 sq m.

Cultural and business heart of Poland

Kapelanka 42 is an investment of Skanska company, which has already executed projects in several Polish cities, i.a. in Wrocław ( Green Towers) and Warsaw (Green Corner). Now it's the turn of Cracow, specifically – Kapelanka, which is a part of Dębniki district. Why here? Małopolska's metropolis has gained Skanska investors' acknowledgment thanks to securing a title of the leader on the market of modern BPO (  Business Process Outsourcing ) services. - Our buildings fit the requirements of this sector perfectly, among others through an excellent location flexibility in arrangement of office space – emphasizes Marcin Łapiński. Cracow is also the most popular academic center in Poland and a fast growing market of modern office areas. Kraków-Balice airport, connecting the city with international business metropolises is also not without significance.

The new quality

The currently under construction investment is going to consist of two office buildings, with a total area of 28 000 sq m. Kapelanka 42 is being created in two stages. The first consists of construction of building A with an underground parking lot, which will have the capacity to contain car users of the entire complex on its three levels. Building B is going to be erected in second stage.

Skanska Property Poland's green buildings enjoyed a large demand among leaseholders in other cities. The complex in Cracow has also generated large interest. It is caused not only by the company's long tradition on the market, but also through introduction of innovative and pro-ecological solutions. The complex is going to be certified in LEED program on Gold level, which will prove its highest quality and construction consistent with care for the environment. The leaseholders are going to economize thanks to the use of energy efficient solutions and improve the the work comfort in their offices. An appropriate internal environment will be provided by adiabatic air humidifiers and an advanced air conditioning system. The companies will have a lot of freedom in regards of interior arrangement. There is also going to be a parking lot for bicycles and a changing room with showers at the employees' disposal.
Investment on Gold level

Kapelanka 42 is going to apply for LEED certificate, which will prove its energy efficiency and care for the environment. The investment is to reach Gold level, which is the second highest (after Platinum) and proves fulfilling the requirements os sustainable construction. LEED is considered to be the most difficult one to achieve out of all environmental certificates available in Poland, it guarantees the highest quality though.

The complex in Cracow is going to get enough points to receive LEED certificate thanks to an excellent location and use of modern solutions. Kapelanka 42 is characterized by easy access to public transport – buses and trams. It also provides comfortable access to Cracow's bypass, A4 highway and Kraków Balice Airport.

The leaseholders who pick Kapelanka 42 complex can count on lowering the costs thanks to application of energy efficient solutions. At the same time, work comfort will go up through providing optimum conditions in internal environment. What does it mean? Maximum access to natural light, lower level of bright sunlight maintaining perfect conditions in regards to air parameters are all going to be guaranteed. - These technologies, together with a modern Building Management System ( BMS ), will allow for significant reduction in energy usage compared to other buildings meeting Polish standards – claims Michał Marszałek, coordinator for sustainable development, Skanska Property Poland.

Best for the environment

Modern solutions, which guarantee lowering the building's impact on the environment are going to be introduced in the complex. They will also help in increasing the comfort of staying in the building and in optimization of energy usage.

Apart from the aforementioned BMS system controlling every installation in the building and taking care of the best possible level of energy use, Skanska company is planning to equip the complex with numerous other modern solutions.  The buildings are going to have an energy efficient lighting system, consisting of energy efficient fluorescent lights and motion sensors responsible for illumination in office building's common areas. Fan coil units equipped with energy saving engines will be taking care of air conditioning. Natural weather conditions are also going to be used – cold air coming from outside shall cool the building through the method of free cooling. Adiabatic humidifiers, which use water mist and heat energy, are going to help in maintaining optimum atmosphere in a room.

Resources necessary for the construction works are going to come from local assets, which should not only please regional manufacturers, but also allow to protect the environment from negative impact their transport might have. Wood elements and products based on that resource are going to come only from certified cultivation ( FSC ). In order to protect health, all finishing materials shall contain  the lowest amount of volatile organic compounds. Bathrooms are also going to be adjusted to LEED standards thanks to water-free urinals as well as water saving fittings and toilets. Owners of electric cars will be happy with the presence of charging points for them. A green roof, which prevents the creation of heat islands, shall become the project's crowning.

Kapelanka 42 complex is going to interest investors, who care about quality, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. The new green office building offered by Skanska company is going to fit the current trend of sustainable construction, whose ideas are being supported by more and more companies.

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