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In Cracow, competition in business real estate market is strong. There are companies, previously not connected with this particular sector, making investments. Fronton is one of such companies.

Craccow is the second in Poland according to office space it features. Supply of office space exceeded 500 000 m2, this means investors are going to have a bad time. They will have to try harder to attract new customers because modern office blocks offer much more than one could imagine just few years ago.

Great localization, convenient connection with the city centre, intelligent interior solutions, and appealing design are criteria that must be met. And investors do meet the criteria above, just as Fronton Office Center does it. The building has 6 storeys, it consits of 3 blocks which make "L" shape together and its office space is 5 720 m2. Added to that, space the builing offers is of excellent quality. There is tough competition in A-class office blocks segment in Cracow, nevertheless, Fronton Office Center is a serious competitor for the rest of the buildings in this class - underlined Dagmara Nosek, Real Estate Sell and Rental Manager of Fronton company.  

From apartments to office

Fronton company is present on market since 1989, when it was founded by Eugeniusz Batko. The founder made Fronton a versatile company, it deals with: building and selling apartments, production of windows, rubbish sheds, steel and aluminium elements, and building equipment's rental. Additionally, Fronton offers: modernisation and renovation services, general contracting, planning and mounting the electrics, sanitaries, sewerage, gas fittings, heating or works on infrastructure and architectural design.

Eugeniusz Batko decided to further expand his company's offer and, in 2012, he built Fronton Office Center.

To lure potential tenants

Fronton office block is located on Kamienna 21, near Słowackiego alley, Długa street and 29-tego Listopada alley in Cracow.

Building's location allows fast sonnection with the city centre and Central Railway, and Bus, Station. The building is 12km from the airport, and 7km from nearest, A4, motorway. Additionally, multitude of bus/tram stops and proximity of Galeria Krakowska make Fronton's localisation very attractive for potential tenants.

Potential leasers are attracted also by advanced infastructure and equipment of the building. The leasers have at their disposal: underground parking and internal garage, well designed, modern office space, handicapped people friendly interior and big lifts. How high is the interest in the investment then?

Very high, the interest in office space we offer. Curious design, great localisation in centre of Cracow, fast and convenient approach, ability to arrange and finishing of the office space by our company are the reasons why tenants choose our product - affirmed Dagmara Nosek from Fronton company.

These words seem to be true as 983m2 of space was leased by EmiTel, terrestral radio&television operator in Poland. Cushman&Wakefield was EmiTel's representative in the transaction.

What Fronton has to offer?

Work is to be comfortable and pleasant, in the building, thaks to multiple advanced innovations. Fronton company fitted building with special ventilation system that enable interiors to be fully adjustable, vents are connected to advanced air conditioning . The building features "invisible" wiring, wihich is above head (underslung ceiling) or below feet (elevated floor system).

The lights are designed and mounted according to office norms. Tenants can choose either TP S.A.'s or Telekomunikacja Kolejowa's services, also, tenants are granted the option of having their own switchboard. Fronton block is guarded 7 days' a week, 24 hours' a day, additionally, alarm is combined with surveillance systems  for additional protection. Finally, the building has own emergency power supply.

Whole Fronton Office Center has 5 720 m2, where: 5 000 m2 is an office space, 720m2 commerce space. Each storey features 880-985 m2, added to that, shared space is low as 4% of the whole. Parkings for tenants have capacity of 105 vechicles.

The future

Fronton Office Center is the only office block in the company's portfolio so far. In near future, we will focus on housing real estate market, nevertheless, we are positive on the opninion that, building an A-class office block was a right decision - says Dorota Nosek. Fronton company is now to finish housing building on Kamienna street in Cracow in 2nd quarter of 2013, announced 3 other investments, within the sector, in Cracow. Still, success of their only office block encourages them to compete again within this demanding market in the future.

Translated by Sebastian Kolbusz

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