Court without a seat

Warszawa-Praga District Court has bought a seat in year 2010. Up until now it still hasn't been adjusted to the required needs, because of that judicial authorities can't make use of it.

The building on 3 Poligonowa St. in Warsaw cost Warszawa-Praga District Court 154 million zł. It was purchased in 2010, but the Court lacks a seat since its conception – from year 2005. The structure requires adjustment to the needs of justice system. Part of its area is being occupied by Medicover clinic.

The Court's spokesman emphasizes, that the structure has a valid approval for use related with conference-office activity. Before the purchase, reviews from fire, OHS and sanitary experts, as well as constructor's statement had been prepared. This compilation has been financed by CNPEP Radwar S.A. Before signing the notary deed, an inspection had been performed in order to check, whether there are no significant flaws preventing the building's use. Specialists, including a construction expert, have signed an acceptance protocol.

The construction's main contractor is  Skanska S.A company. After performing a technical expertise, the company voiced its doubts regarding the building's technical condition, which were later confirmed by a series of reviews issued i.a. by Łódzka, Śląska and Wrocławska Politechnika, claims the representative of Skanska S.A.

The Court's spokesman states, that the dangers indicated by the contractor have been reported twice to Warsaw's Powiatowy Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego ( District Inspector of Building Control), who didn't confirm them. He also didn't withdraw the permission to use. The Court, being in possession of analysis and expertises performed on behalf of both constructor and the structure's seller, noticed the inconsistency in conclusions put forward in them. Court's spokesman admits, that after a few months Bumar Elektronika S.A. Confirmed the need for performing strengthening of two chapiter zones in the ceilings. The company is going to perform the repairs in this area under the warranty.

In order to settle doubts that arose in regards to building's construction, an Expert Committee was established for the purpose of preparing the current analysis. Skanska, Warszawa-Praga District Court and Bumar Elektronika S.A. have signed an agreement for binding clarification of structure's technical condition. The expertise is to be completed by the end of December and it is going to be based on all previous studies as well as additional opinions and diagnoses.

Currently Warszawa-Praga District Court is located on 127 Solidarności ave., together with Warsaw District Court and on Sapieżyńska 10a in Warsaw.

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