The world's fastest elevators

Taipei 101, copyright: Daniel Shih
Yokohama Landmark Tower, copyright: Mathias Beinling
The highest skyscrapers characterize not only with the unique architecture and views, but also with elevators which can take passengers on the highest storeys within just few seconds.

The fastest elevator in the world is a product created by Toshiba. It takes passengers on the highest 89th storey of Taipei skyscraper in Taiwan with the speed of 1 010m/min, 60 km/h. The ride takes only 37 seconds and you leave the elevator on the height of 382 metres. There are two such elevators in the building, and one of them costs over 2 million dollars.

According to Emporis data, elevator's position of the leader located in Taipei 101 is strong. Second place went to an elevator in Yokohama Landmark Tower which reaches a speed of "only" 750 m/min. Building is located in Japan and has 69 storeys, it takes 40 seconds to reach the top.

The highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has  a third place. The speed of the elevator is 36 km/h. The structure can boast about the fastest two cabin elevators. Additionally, passengers of such cabins can drive the longest currently length by elevator. At first, architect of Burj Khalifa planned to put three cabin elevators in the building which would be the first of that type in the world.

Comparison shows that the fastest elevators are located in Asian countries. Tere is just one building beyond that region in the top five - John Hancock Center in Chicago. Moreover, installation of Mitsubishi elevators in Shanghai Tower, which will reach 64,8 km/h, is planned on 2014. The skyscraper will become a second the highest in the world.

Three skyscrapers: Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower will gather the fastest elevators in one place - Shanghai in 2014.

Ranking of buildings with the fastest elevators in the world:

1.Taipei 101, Taiwan, 60,6 km/h
2.Yokohama Landmark Tower, Japan, 45 km/h
3.Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirate, 36 km/h
3.Sunshine 60 Building, Japan, 36 km/h
3.Shanghai World Financial Center, China, 36 km/h
3.China World Trade Center Tower III, China, 36 km/h
4.John Hancock Center, USA, 33 km/h
5.Jim Mao Tower, 32,8 km/h

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